Day 4 of Snowkite Masters 2013

Due to low wind today we only managed to finish the last heats in single elimination (men, women, ski, snowboard) and had to postpone the doubles for tomorrow.

In single elimination riders compete against each other usually 2 in each heat ,and the winner advances to compete against the winner from an other heat. Since this can be unfair and people can be unlukcy in their heats, the double elimination was introduced. This is a competition style where you start at the bottom where each rider competes against the other riders that were eliminated at the same level (e.g quarter finals). The winner can after he has beaten all the other riders at a certain leveladvance to the next level and gain several positions. Possibly go all the way to the top!

So since the wind was light today, tomorrow will be the big day for double elimination. I’m in 3rd place after the single elimination, which means that I have to beat the winner from the heats under me to keep my current possition. If so, I get to compete against Chasta for the 2nd place,and if I win again, I go against Marek Zach for the 1st. Since he haven’t lost any heats one has to win 2 heats to take the first place.

Really excited for tomorrow! The forecast is looking good, so I really hope we get some good heats with more power and guts than we have seen so far :)






313.jpg frontmobe.jpg Best_girls5.jpg l.jpg seatbelt.jpg ET WEB-1645.jpg best-photos-27.jpg IMG_3408_web.jpg best-photos-41.jpg IMG_2387.jpg remi (55).jpg profile.jpg ET WEB-1653.jpg kiteloop.jpg DSC_00071.JPG backflip.jpg ET WEB-1619.jpg IMG_4100 copy.jpg IMG_4100.jpg 406754_317307918308684_1117926781_n.jpg backflip2.jpg a-hump-day-34.jpg best-kiteboarding-girls-holding-kites-lg.jpg