Day 5 of Snowkite Masters 2013

Today was the first day of “strong” wind since we got here last Saturday. Only problem was it was changing constantly up and down between perfect conditions for my 11m and a little light for my 15m. And since it changed so quickly it was very difficult to choose the right size before a heat. I ended up going for my 15 in my fist heat against a young very talented guy named Garachenco for the 3rd place. This showed out to be just perfect and I ended up winning :) For my next heat for the 2nd place I also went for my 15 but ended up having a little too much power at the wrong places, which resulted in that I couldn’t land some of the tricks I usually do. Even so It was a very close heat and I ended up with a 1 to 2 vote from the judges ruleing for Chasta. Again he won on variation in tricks over the more thechnical feestyle moves that I prefer.

Anyhow! Really stoked to be on the podium again this year, and hopefully I’ll make it all the way to the top next year :) Price giving is tomorrow night and after that chances are there will be one hell of a party!



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