This year my brother and I decided to go to Zanzibar to kitesurf over Christmas to train for the World Championship in showkiting in France just over newyears. Even though the wind season should already be kicking in, we only had one day of decent wind; just enough to make a film ;)

Christmas Time at Zanzibar from Andreas Toverud on Vimeo.

IMG_4100 copy.jpg best-photos-27.jpg kiteloop.jpg IMG_3408_web.jpg backflip.jpg Best_girls5.jpg backflip2.jpg IMG_2387.jpg remi (55).jpg best-photos-41.jpg seatbelt.jpg ET WEB-1653.jpg best-kiteboarding-girls-holding-kites-lg.jpg 406754_317307918308684_1117926781_n.jpg l.jpg profile.jpg IMG_4100.jpg DSC_00071.JPG a-hump-day-34.jpg ET WEB-1645.jpg 313.jpg ET WEB-1619.jpg frontmobe.jpg