European Championship 2013

Just as the perfect conditions with snow, wind and sun kicked in at home, it was time to go for an other trip abroad! This time to lake Reschen in Italy for the European Snowkite Championship :) Some days in advance the riders received word that the freestyle competition was pending better snow conditions, but I didn’t realise how bad it was untill I actually got there!

2013-01-31 17.49.08   

2013-02-03 15.41.05

ICE – Even though it might look like snow the competition area was all rock hard ice with just a little frosting on top

Very disappointed about the conditions, me and some Germans I met tried to go racing on the ice with little success. The people with skis did a bit better because it gave them more traction. but after a while we gave up and decided to go to wait for a miracle over night.. In the mean time we decided to go to the Billabong Air and Style in Innsbruck to watch the pros do their thing on snowboards. Awesome atmosphere, and the riders gave it everything they got to win! Check out this run by Norwegian pro rider Ståle Sandbech! INSANE!! The little hand drag at the end unfortunately cost him the victory and he ended up 5th.

billabong air and style

Innsbruck ski jumping arena – prepared for the snowboard competition

2013-02-03 15.08.08-2


Over night the snow had started to come down hard, but there was still not enough on the lake to do freestyle. Due to the lack of snow the competition committee decided to move the competition just across the boarder to Switzerland where there supposedly was 50cm of snow, and some wind. They also chose to go for a jamstyle competition where the riders voted for each other to ensure that the competition wouldn’t be cut short by changing conditions. This is opposed to the normal way of doing freestyle competitions with heats which is very time-consuming.

When the day was over everyone got a voting form where they wrote which rider they thought should win the competition. Even though the wind had been a bit gusty, the weather had been great and we’d had a lot of fun:)

We didn’t get the results from the competition before the day after but I ended up winning when all the votes was counted :D Really stoked!

podium    2013-02-03 19.46.53

Thanks for all the votes, and see you all again next year!

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